The Art of Making Fire – by the men of Masaai Mara

The rawness of their existence has taught the Masaai people a lot of survival arts. One among them that they themselves rate very high is the Art of Making Fire which comes in handy when they have to run after their cattle that has strayed into the forests and they have to end up staying the night there.

The two essentials are a round stick and another piece of wood which has been fashioned into a flat shape. It has holes in it, the size of the round stick.


The Masai never leave without their short sword knife which normally sticks with them. Over this knife, they keep the flat piece of wood and then the stick is swizzled around vigorously.



The friction gives rise to some smoke and embers that are quickly put into a bunch of straw….and blown into….and…


Viola, you have fire!


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