The Walk of Love – Via Dell Amore at Cinque Terra, Italy

Even if your Italian is really poor and you dont know what Via dell Amore means, the Logo for this spectacular sea-side walkway will speak for itself!


The general area of Cinque Terra leaves you awe-struck with its raw beauty and earthiness. The colours are so vivid and so stark that you keep needing to remind yourself to breathe to stay alive. There are so many adventurous treks that one can do all around the 5 villages and if you are like me – one who believes in no activity more strenuous than carrying a day back-pack on your holiday – feels pretty left-out after seeing all those active ones climbing up steep hill sides.

I think Via dell Amore was made for the likes of us. Those who want to claim – yes, we walked between the villages without having to sweat our beautiful brows. You reach the 4th and the 5th Villages ( or the 1st and the 2nd depending on whether you start East to west or vice-versa) and you can walk this walk-way which is just over 1 km in length. Its not a surprise that it is called the Walk of Love because it is so pretty, sunny, spectacular and amazing that one needs to almost resist the urge to hug and  kiss perfect strangers.


There is a history to it. Before the railroads were made, these 5 villages are very cut off from each other and it was very difficult for the boys and girls from neighbouring villages to meet each other. That is when this walk way was cut along the cliff side. some part of it is tunneled and some is open pathways.

Half-way thru the walk, there is also a small cafe which has the best views of the sea. All along the walk, you see names and statues of the angels of love. Lovers from all over the world have etched their names on the walls of this walk-way. There is also a tradition of buying a lock together and putting it up here with a promise of keeping the love alive forever.





The best things in life are sometimes not free! you need to buy a ticket worth 5 Eu per adult to walk because it runs thru a national park.  It may well be the best 5 Euros you spend in the Riviera….( if you dont count the ones you paid for the salted Caperberries…or perhaps for that awesome cone of gellatto? 😉 )


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