10 Croatian sights that will give you wanderlust

The Game of Thrones is shot here and it’s giving Ibiza a serious run for it’s money! Like that wasn’t reason enough, we’re giving you 10 sights that will get your bags packing and tickets ready to this exotic land of Croatia.

Postcard perfect waterfalls


The disciplined sheep


Water so clear, it’ll put your drinking water to shame


Not your average parking lot


Red and blue never looked this good


A typical day on the beach


The road that’ll take you to some insane parties


Did we hear Game of Thrones?


Are your bags packed yet?


Well…what are you waiting for?


2 thoughts on “10 Croatian sights that will give you wanderlust

  1. This looks beautiful, it’s on my list but not very high up, I think I may need to now change my priorities 🙂


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