Why Berries should be a part of your Swedish Breakfast

BerriesYoghurtThe Swedes love their berries. During the summers – days of endless sun, the forests get laden with a huge variety of berries. These are abundant in anti-oxidants and help to survive the long, dark & cold winters. It is common to head out into the wild during the summers with a basket to collect Bramble blackberries, Wood raspberries, Dewberries, Cloudberries, Arctic Raspberries, Blueberries, Crowberries, Cranberries, Wild strawberries, Alpine currants, Juniper berries and the most prolific Lingonberries. These are then preserved, jammed, marmalade-d, frozen, juiced, brined and generally kept for the winter months.

It is only fitting therefore, that my first breakfast in the Swedish lapland should include a large bowl of wild strawberry yoghurt mixed with assorted Swedish Berries



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