How to Hold it all up….at Pisa

Most times when we visit important monuments around the world, for some reason we become all serious and get into this mode of ” I shall imbibe all the knowledge there is, so what i am not actually enjoying it”.. Ofcourse, it is good to know and feel the history, but hey, loosen up! It wont be the end of the world if you missed the year it was built or who exactly the king was. There is always wikipedia for that. Get a good perspective, see if you can place it right within your frame of history timeline…be friends with your guide and if he/she is really good you will enjoy the learning. If you get stuck with a really bad one – ours was exceptionally bad when we visited Pisa; apart from the heavy accent, she had clearly not bathed or washed her hair in about 2 months – then you can always choose to people-watch! Of all the people you can watch, tourists – esp those visiting a famous monument are in a class of their own. They try and strike the most striking, often cliched, poses and try and shoot with the most novel angles. I love watching them!

Here is how I spent my afternoon with a bad guide in Pisa:


It will truly fall if we don’t hold it up diligently!


Bending over backwards with the effort!



Family effort!


Just with my left arm baby!


You and me, together darling!



Some inspirations!



I shall try an angle and a position which no one else has tried….


No, No….That’s all wrong! not hold against it, hold it UP!


….and it went on and on. I can truthfully say that I really enjoyed my tour of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And in case you want to know more on the monument – Read here :  Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia – on The Leaning Tower of Pisa  😉

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